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HRIS To Win Global Competition.


Facing global competition, the challenge has never been greater for companies to improve the performance of its employees.  A good HRIS strategy wins half the battle! Underpinning existing fundamental HR structures with technology combines new conceptual best practice with workflow automation and standarization removes the first obstacle to transitioning the human resource management to a strategic focus.

SunFish HR is a comprehensive HR Management Software that allows companies to gain competitive advantage by improving the quality of the people and the efficiency of business processes. Administrative HR functions (Payroll, Loan, Time, Reimbursement, Organization, and Career) and strategic management tools (Training, Recruitment, Performance, Talent Management and HR Planning) are integrated to provide a holistic approach to  developing talent.

Developed with a focus on cloud computing, SunFish HR is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription or an On Premise purchased application. The solution includes flexible workflow management support and uses data warehousing as foundation for its comprehensive analytical functions.

SunFish HRIS is developed to meet the HR requirement in Indonesia, focusing on it’s flexibility to follow any changes in Indonesian Taxation and Employment Laws.


Employee Data Management

Payroll Processing

Time Management

Benefit Administration

Organization Management

Performance Appraisals

Talent Management

Recruitment Management


See All Information About your HR in one page

Reports are critically important in transforming raw data into useful information. Employee Reports transform the data collected by the Employee Information into information that can be easily used and understood by the employee and manager.

The dashboard technology allows the manager to quickly survey the critical data which are displayed graphically. The manager can easily customize the dashboard, adding or moving display items.

Who Works When How Long ?

Effective attendance tracking and scheduling is important not only to the company seeking productivity but also to the employee’s compensation.

SunFish HR offers a full-featured Scheduling and Attendance Module that is flexible to accommodate every imaginable scheduling demand yet powerful enough to tackle even the largest of organizations. The data collected in SunFish is integrated with the Payroll and Tax Module as well as the Performance Management Module to provide insight to efficiency and productivity.


Quantify How Your Employees  Are Performing

Appraisals have become an essential tool in business management as a means of creating a work environment where people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. That includes activities of accessing that goals are consistently achieved in an effective manner.

Performance Appraisal’s main purpose is to reconcile objectives of the individual with organizational goals in order to facilitate productivity and profitability. The Appraisal function in SunFish HR allows managers to track the employees’ performance and provide valuable feedback to the employees. Moreover, it provides them with the tools to develop a deeper understanding of what the employee needs to reach the corporate goals.