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Worldwide partners. Delivering Maximum Performance.

Sunlight IT has forged partnership globally to obtain operational best practice, high quality resource and cutting edge IT solution across Industries.


Sunlight IT is a member of Microsoft Partner Network. Sunlight IT has been utilizing heavily on Microsoft .NET Platform in providing solution for our customer. The flexible yet integrated environment of Microsoft Platform enables Sunlight IT to provide a robust solution while executing rapid development.


Mind Mapping is a new way for business leader and enterpreneurs to brainstorm and communicate idea. As the top end mind mapping tools, Mindjet provide easy to use, accessibility and Integration with Enterprise software.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is well know for its scalability. Sunlight IT provides qualified experts who understand how to bring the best of your Oracle investment.


DGIT is a pioneer in developing state of the art software solution for Telecommunication Industry. DGIT’s Telflow solution is a software designed with end user in mind and it is built according TMForum, an International standard for Telecommunication Industry. Sunlight IT collaborates with DGIT to bring Telflow Platform to be utilized by Telco Enterprise in Indonesia.


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iSphere Global
iSphere Global is an multinational software company focusing on the Retail Banking Industry with expertise on the Card Management and Fraud/Risk platforms. With a healthy resource pool in Singapore, Philippines, Sydney and Melbourne, iSphere Global provides Indonesian market with high quality resources in technology such as First Data’s Vision Plus, ATOS Origins Card Link, FIS’ Base Global, Systematics and IST and the FICO/Experian Suite of products . Sunlight IT partners with iSphere Global to provide opportunities in  Indonesian job market by bringing in know-how and engage with iSphere Global’s customer to for better grasp of customer’s needs.
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