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Custom Software Development

Business are unique therefore specific solution is often required. Sunlight IT provides professional service focus on developing software specifically tailor made for your organization’s need while closely integrated to your current infrastructure.

Therefore, the victory gained from each battle comes about because strategies and tactics are never repeated. Rather, they should vary according to the circumstances, with infinite possibilities. - Sun Tzu

What Can We Do?

We strive to provide the most flexible Software Development service that you can find. We can start developing software from scratch while building and supporting your IT infrastructure or utilizing your organization’s initial investment and build on top of it.


Our business analysis team shall help you perform gap analysis and determine what needs to be done in order to bring your business where you want it to be. Our consulting team will provide you with recommendation of Technology and Platform to meet your requirements.


According to your needs and situation, we can customize the technology required that is best solution.

  • Web Application Development

  • Building centralized web application helps provide real time data and interaction across your environment without having to manually install all clients with programs. Sunlight IT builds Web Application with the following platforms:

    • ASP .NET
    •  MVC 5
    •  ASP .NET
    •  Web Form
    •  HTML 5, JQuery and Bootstrap
    •  Zkoss Framework
    •  Spring MVC PHP (CodeIgniter)

  • Desktop Application Development

  • For application that demands responsiveness and ease of use, Desktop application is preferable. Sunlight IT rapidly builds Desktop Application using the following platforms:

    • WinForm
    • Java SWT

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Mobile application has been the key technology of innovation for the past decade. It allows us to access our data, interact with our friends and download information on the go. Sunlight IT builds mobile applications on:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone Platform.

  • Desktop Application Development

  • Sunlight IT supports the following database for supporting your applications:

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012
    • Oracle 11g
    • Mongo DB